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Power soak

Ahhh, yes. The age old battle between sound engineer and guitarist. “Your stage volume is too loud, they say.” You walk to your amp and fumble around pretending to turn down and move on with your life. If this happens to you all too often, you probably need an amp attenuator, a.k.a., power soak. These devices go between your amp and speaker, and effectively reduce the amount of energy delivered to the speaker, thus reducing the volume. If you show your sound guy that you bought one of these things, he’s gonna show you how much he really cares by leaving you in the mix!

Guitar cable

A guitar cable is nothing to be overlooked, depending on your use case. If you’re trying to get the most transparent signal possible, look no further than the Mogami Platinum instrument cable. Not only are they built to satisfy even the most critical ear, they are built to last. I’ve been gigging with the same one for 12 years and just replaced it this week! That’s right, they have a lifetime warranty. You can pop into any Guitar Center or retailer that sells them, and swap a broken or faulty one no questions asked. You’ll spend a little more upfront on these cables, but you will not regret it!

Guitar strap

You need this if you don’t already have one. A guitar stap is an essential piece of equipment for maintaining proper posture while playing. As with everything, the sky is the limit on price, features, craftsmanship, etc., but you don’t need the Cadillac of straps to have a good time. I really like the classic Fender strap and I think you will too.

Guitar picks

I’ll probably regret talking about guitar picks after the serious guitar nerds read this. I love the Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks. They’re 1mm thick, have a nice sharp tip, good grip, and one pick will last you a good amount of time even if you’re practicing as much as you should. They’re not for everyone, and there are (technically) different picks for every job, but I tend to stick with this one, and I’ve never heard a complaint about my sound 🙂

Guitar strings

Guitar strings are another very personal matter for guitarists, and there are many variables to consider when choosing a string. What is the sound you need? How should they feel? On what instrument will they be used? Classical, electric, hollow-body electric, acoustic, etc. There’s one thing that remains consistent, and that’s the quality of the manufacturer’s product. I’m a huge fan of Thomastic-Infeld strings. The tick all the boxes for me, but only you can decide if they’ll do the same for you.